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25+ Flower Tattoo Designs – What Do They Mean

Flower Tattoo Designs
Flower Tattoo Designs

More and more everday, women are deciding to get a tattoo. Because of this, flower tattoo designs have started to become more popular than before. The great thing about a flower tattoo is that there are many variations of types and colors. The flowers can mean many different things or if they are a specific type such as a rose or lilly, they can have a much more specific meaning.

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Generally a connection is established between a flower tattoo and nature, which can invoke thoughts and images of life and growth. Flowers connect with us in the sense that we both grow. Flowers grow everday, and they bloom kowing that they will later dry up and wilt away. Fcb

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Having a flower tattoo invokes images of the process of life. You must remember however, that different colors and types of flowers signify different things. Red flower tattoos symbolize a burning passion while a white flower tattoo can symbolize purity. There are plenty of meanings available for those who wish to get a flower tattoo.

Symbolizing love, roses are the most common flower design for a tattoo. Roses were tattooed on those sentenced to death during the turn of the 16th century. This would help to find those who escaped before they were put to death. In the here and now, roses are used to symbolize love and passion.

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Rose tattoos symbolize love and passion in the western regions of the world but in other places, the lotus flower takes this honor. Lotus flower tattoos can also symbolize peace, fortune, goodness, and beauty. Roses are most popular in North America while lotus flower are more common in other regions.

The acacia flower is a symbol of friendship and love. Those of Irish heritage may know of the acacia flower as the Bells of Ireland. It is well known throught Ireland as being a symbol of good luck. fcb.

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There are various other types of flowers that also symbolize certain traits. If you are shy or timid, you may want to get a violet. Magnolias are common among those who want to express lover for nature. Other choose an iris to signify wisdom and virtue. ytb

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Theses days flower tattoos are very common and popular. They can be as large or small as you wish them to be. No matter the tattoo you have chosen, you will know that it will display that meaning that you want it to.


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