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45+ Wolf Tattoos For Females

Wolf tattoo designs
Wolf tattoo designs

Hello and welcome to our article today. In this article, I told you about wolf tattoos for females. I also explained the meanings of the most preferred designs for you.

The wolf is a proud and noble beast, which is associated with many legends, beliefs, and practices. Wolves have a double character: the wolf can be both loyal and independent loner, both cautious and aggressive. These features make the wolf tattoo popular and in demand.

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Wolf tattoo


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The wolf tattoo is a symbol of bravery, intelligence, fortitude, and strength of character. Since ancient times, people of different peoples and cultures have treated wolves with respect.

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Wolf tattoo for girls

For girls, the meaning of the wolf tattoo differs from the meaning of the image for men. Wolf-female, predator, loyal and loyal to the male. In the case of the death of a loved one, the meaning of her life becomes revenge, then the most relevant image of a howling wolf or she-wolf. And to show their loyalty, tattoos are made in a prominent place on the arm, on the shoulder, on the forearm or on the leg.

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There is another meaning of the predator tattoo for girls. She-wolf-pattern mothers, care, love, and devotion. She is ready to forgive everything except betrayal. The view of a proud wolf surrounded by a landscape forest on the chest or on the back looks spectacular.

Usually, a drawing in the form of an animal’s muzzle is made on the hand, on the forearm or on the shoulder. Recently, tattoos on the leg have become very popular among the stronger sex. If you need a more voluminous and distinctive pattern, then you will need more space to implement the idea, for example, on the back or on the chest?

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If the drawing shows a wolf howling at the moon, it can represent self-sufficiency and inner strength. Another interpretation of the howling wolf tattoo is loneliness due to the betrayal of the woman you love.

A wolf with a grin, often depicted on the shoulder or on the forearm, indicates readiness for extreme measures in the event of a threat or danger. The image of a wolf with a grin says that its owner is a fearless, furious and sometimes cruel person.

The interpretation of the wolf tattoo

The meaning of the wolf tattoo hides a trait of very few people. Smart, bold and astute animals in different cultures carried a sacred, mystical meaning. Wolves live close to humans and hunt the same animals, showing insight, intelligence, and strength. Therefore, people identify them with living beings endowed with intelligence. It is not surprising that this pattern is used quite often as a tattoo.

The interpretation of the wolf tattoo for men is the same, but for girls, it can carry a completely different meaning, regardless of the part of the body chosen for applying the image on the arm, on the chest, on the back or on the leg. But for sure; for both men and girls, a tattoo in the form of this animal is not suitable if a person is weak, insecure, and unable to brave actions.

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The wolf pack and its representatives separately are a symbol of courage, strength, loyalty, and independence. In the presence of these qualities in the wearer of a tattoo, it will become a talisman for life and a talisman.

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