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50+ Ellipsis Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Ellipsis Tattoo Designs
Ellipsis Tattoo Designs

This article about is ellipsis tattoo designs with meaning. Today, tattoos in the form of geometric shapes are increasingly gaining popularity. They can be considered something deep, sacred, and symbolic. When choosing such a tattoo, you should pay attention to its value and have an idea about the figure you like in advance.

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The ellipsis figure has long been considered the most symbolic geometric figure. It is related to the beginning of the understanding of the universe and nature. In this symbol lie the stories of the earth and the Universe in general.

What is the Ellipsis Tattoo Meaning?

The ellipsis has no beginning and no end, and each point on it is equal to any other. It turns out that the ellipsis definitely has a similarity with infinity. The ellipsis is identified with the dial of the clock, the hand of which each time making a turn, returns to its original place.

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This is a kind of zodiacal cycle, a return to its beginning, its ideal. An ellipsis in tattoos is a craving for permanence, perfection, or a sign of its achievement.

As a rule, the ellipsis is referred to as a tattoo for men. Most often it is found in the image of the sun. The female half in the celestial theme prefers the moon. The sun and moon together form a symbol of successful union and true love.

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Drawing an ellipsis in a tattoo on a strong body of a man will tell about a deep thought and a serious character of the tattoo bearer. The owner of such a body painting has a desire to improve and knows exactly their values in life.

However, there are cases when a man chose an unusual tattoo, without going into the deep meaning of the ellipsis symbol, only because of the beautiful sketch.

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It happens that the tattoo with the symbol ellipsis chooses the female half. Young girls and older girls prefer sketches in old school style and watercolor.

An unusual tattoo with the image of an ellipsis will convey the individuality of its mistress. These girls like to dive into themselves, their thoughts; they are aimed at achieving the ideal everywhere and in everything.

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Cute Ellipsis tattoo on finger
Cute Ellipsis tattoo on finger

Sketches of ellipsis tattoos are not to be confused with anything. Each of them consists of small patterns, geometric shapes, spirals, bends, lines and other details, which all together eventually form a common whole picture. For example, a turtle, a wave and more. When choosing, you should know which carries the meaning of an ellipsis tattoo. This we will consider below in more detail on specific examples. Please Chek My Other Ellipsis And 3 Dots Tattoo Post :–> 50+ Trendiest 3 Dots Tattoo Designs