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55+ Small Dragon Tattoo Designs

Small dragon tattoo designs
Small dragon tattoo designs

The meanings of small dragon tattoos are diverse and imbued with ancient legends and myths, so it is worth a good study of them in more detail. In this article, we will tell you about all the nuances and how to choose a suitable body image. Photos and sketches will help to determine where the unearthly monster looks best and with what elements it is best to combine.

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Processing areas for planting, our ancestors found large bones and skeletons of unknown creatures. Knowing nothing about mammoths and dinosaurs, they assumed that they were the remains of the guards of the earth and the seas-dragons. Over time, he was endowed with divine powers and vigilance, but each nation had its own version of the lizard.

China: Dragon becomes a deity; controls the weather, mainly rain and lightning. He is subject to all 4 elements and the cardinal directions. He can reincarnate as a human, an insect, or the Universe.

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Japan: Dragon migrated from China, and also meant wisdom, strength, luck. According to legend, the famous koi carp (a symbol of luck and courage) after overcoming all difficulties turns into this creature. A common image; the claws of an eagle, the nose of a camel, the mustache of a catfish, a long beard, under which is hidden the pearl of prosperity.

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According to legend, the first Emperor Jimmu descended from the dragon family. From then on the clothes and the throne of the rulers adorned with mythical creatures. Also, the lizard was a defender; it was depicted at the entrance to the temple, firefighters applied to the body to protect them from death. Now the image of the dragon is often stuffed with women to help protect the family hearth.

The most optimal canvas for a body pattern is the back, especially for a small dragon tattoo in the Japanese style. Here you can put a whole story, draw every detail; convey all the greatness of the picture. This part of the body is not amenable to age-related changes, so the image will complement the image for many years.

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Most are inclined to the fact that it is undesirable to put a dragon tattoo on the leg, especially on the lower part. It is very difficult to convey the full meaning and depth of the picture in a limited space; it may not be as presentable and original as planned. If you really want to stuff the creature on the upper part of the foot or calf, it is better to choose the option in the Chinese style.


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