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Feather Tattoo on Finger With Meanings

Feather Tattoo on finger

Do you think about getting a feather tattoo on finger? In this article we will talk about the feather tattoo on finger, their models and meanings. In recent years, tattooing on the finger is getting popular. That’s why finger tattoo models have increased. Various icons, names, ring tattooes are done on fingers. Feather tattoos are among the most preferred finger tattoos. You can have them in any finger. It ends up in a single session because it’s among small tattoos. Among the feather tattoos, the most preferred is the phoenix’s feather model. Again, the hairs used by the Native Americans are also used as tattoos. Generally ,small bird feathers are preferred on finger feather tattoo models.

Feather tattoo design on finger.

Meaning of Feather Tattoo

In 2014, feather tattoos became one of the most preferred tattoo models by women. Especially bird feathers are applied as tattoos. Bird is a symbol of freedom, independence. Those ideals which everyone wants to reach can be found in birds. Therefore, it is seen as among one of the most popular tattooes.

The feather tattoo on finger is a frequently preferred tattoo and can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example; A feather and a feather of flying birds can create a beautiful visuality.

The body, especially the back, shoulders and chest areas are great for this tattoo,but of course the choice is yours. In any case, you’ll carry a tattoo that will allow you to breathe deeply and give you a desire to run away.

According to their personalities, people prefer birds that sometimes move alone or sometimes the ones move in flocks. There are many birds with different species, shapes, beauties and they create great tattoos. Phoenix, owl, eagle, gull and peacock feathers are the most popular ones.

The feather tattoo has a distinctive meaning which shows the freedom and the flow of life.Indians are usually taken inspiration from sources feather tattoos for men. It is believed to reflect a warrior character. According to the Native American, culture eagle feather means the strength of the person and never kneeling. Eagle tattoo models can also be preferred as feather tattoo on finger.


Small feather ideas on right finger.



Feather tattoo design on finger.











Pretty feather designs on finger.








Minimalist feather design.

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Native American Feather models.


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