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59+ Heart Tattoo with Name

heart tattoo
heart tattoo

Wellcome, i want to talk about heart tattoo with name in this article. In modern popular culture, the symbolic representation of the heart has almost completely replaced the image of the heart “without embellishment”, that is, the vital organ to which people have for centuries betrayed the meaning of the dwelling place of the human soul and feelings, to which they transferred the suffering and happiness experienced.

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This is quite expected because the symbol looks simple and pleasant, but the heart as an organ, despite its real and cultural importance, looks like an ordinary muscle, not particularly complex and unique in structure pump (in many less-developed animals, the heart is more perfect).

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But there are people who are attracted to this duality because on the combination of the low, earthy and sublime, metaphysical art and cultural traditions are built. A person who is sensitive and perceives such semantic shades, of all the options for a heart tattoo with name, will choose, of course, a realistic tattoo. This choice may be dictated by gender perception.

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A tattoo with a heart, namely with a human organ, has meanings, both similar to a tattoo with a symbol in the form of a heart, and inherent only in an anatomical image. Similar, common to the depiction of the heart in any form, are the meanings associated with love, lust for life, spirituality and vitality. But, of course, even in these general meanings, the anatomy of the tattoo will add its semantic shades.


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So, realistic heart tattoos with name, symbolizing love, will symbolize this love without embellishment, without a touch of “bouquet romance”. That is, love is more passionate, sensual and natural, perhaps more profound (in the sense that without it it is impossible to live, as without the heart).

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A tattoo with a heart as a symbol of the thirst for life is a tattoo of an ideal heart, healthy, often anatomically prescribed as much as possible. Such a tattoo, like a spare organ, a symbol-amulet, designed to help cope with everything, without losing health and enthusiasm.

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In terms of spirituality, the message of the tattoo is quite transparent. A person who makes such a tattoo, especially in a prominent place, as if he says: “here is my heart, everyone can see it, I have nothing to hide.” In this sense, the tattoo is goodwill to the world, openness, transparency of thoughts, the inability to conceive evil.

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But, in addition to such common meanings for many symbols, there are also very highly specialized meanings for tattoos.


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