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Ideas For The First Tattoo – Men and Women

Are you going to get a tattoo for the first time? If you are looking for ideas for the first tattoo you have come to the right site. In this article, I will tell you where you can get your first tattoo. Tattoos are becoming a lot more “main stream” than they were just a few years ago.

What many people thought was a way to set yourself apart 10 years ago has turned into something for everyone—literally! Often times, there are adults over 40 years old sitting in the tattoo shop getting their first ink, right next to the 18th birthday girl. Just because everyone else is lined up for some ink, you should still do your homework and find out what is right for you.

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travel tattoo ideas


travel tattoo ideas for girl


travel tattoo ideas


small airplane tattoos


paper airplane tattoos


airplane tattoo

While it is possible, there is a lot more to getting a tattoo than walking into any shop you see on the side of the road, looking at a few drawings, picking the one that looks the prettiest on paper, and letting a stranger stick you with a needle. By looking into designs, shops, and reasons before getting a tattoo, you will feel much better about it afterwards, as well as avoiding potential medical problems.

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small dragon tattoos


small dragon tattoo


small dragon tattoo ideas


small dragon tattoo desing


game of thrones tattoo


game of thrones dragon tattoo


game of thrones tattoo idea


dragon fly tattoo

Getting a tattoo should be thought of the same as getting a medical procedure. There is a high-risk of infection from contaminated needles, and other medical waste if you don’t be careful. A doctors office shouldn’t have dirty needles laying around and filth all over the place, and neither should a decent tattoo shop.

It’s not hard to pick whether a tattoo shop is sheltered or not.A great shop will have its principles in plan see, and ordinarily won’t let anybody younger than 18 in the entryways without a parent.The shop ought to have a staff part that can converse with you when entering.They ought to have the option to guide you to the portfolios, answer inquiries concerning their craftsmen, make arrangements, sell blessing endorsements, and make you feel good. Shops that ignore you when entering are generally the same way throughout the experience.

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spartan helmet tattoos


spartan helmet tattoo


spartan helmet tattoo ideas


molon labe tattoo

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small rose tattoos

small rose tattoo


red rose tattoo


rose tattoo ideas for girl


Rose tattoos


red rose tattoo designs


black rose tattoo

Firts Tattoo Designs On Neck

If you want to get first tattoo on neck, you can this article.

Unlike the people who prefer to keep their tattoos personal, there are others who would like to show off their tattoos and make it known to the world that they have one. Such tattoo ideas are usually done on the neck where they are exposed all the time and make a fashion statement for the person who wears it. Such people have daring views and do not want to hide their physical appearance from anyone. They may have some bold tattoos done so that they can create an impression on others about their dare devil attitude.

first tattoo ideas for girls
first tattoo ideas for girls

Those who plan to expose their neck tattoos must keep in mind that there will be some job implications in getting employment. All areas of employment are not open to hiring people with such blatant tattoos and would even not be prepared to hire those who have piercing in obvious places like their lips, eyebrows etc. This sort of thing is alright in art and craft shops where there is an artistic inclination and the weirdest forms are accepted. Not only are neck tattoos quite exposed, they are also very painful. So think about whether you are prepared to go through this agony or not and whether your job allows you to have such a tattoo done in the first place.

ideas for first tattoo on neck

Neck tattoos take a while to heal as the clothing keeps chaffing it and may need retouching too. To keep the color of the tattoo on the neck fresh it is best to apply sunscreen to it when exposing it to the sunlight. It is best to take your time in choosing a neck tattoo as this is going to be a very visible one and you should be sure that you would like to have your tattoo seen. So go through the catalogues and designs carefully before choosing your neck tattoo ideas.

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small black rose tattoos


small black rose tattoo ideas


rose tattoo black


red rose tattoo


rose tattoo on wrist


black roses tattoo


black rose tattoo ideas


Black rose tattoo on arm


black rose tattoo


black rose tattoo designs

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koi fish tattoo


fish tattoo


fish tattoos


fish tattoo on shoulder


fish tattoo design


fish tattoo idea


fish tattoo ideas

First Tattoo Ideas On Ankle

Are you looking for a tattoo idea to flaunt your style? If you want an unique and unconventional tattoo location on your body, then we suggest ankle tattoos (e.g. ankle band). While most people go for neck tattoos, arm tattoos, or even chest tattoos, you could get yourself an ankle tat and set your tat a cut apart from the rest! Of course, people used to hesitate because they wanted a tattoo done on that part of the body where it is easily visible. But now the perception has changed and more people are interested in getting the stylish ankle tats (e.g. bracelet tattoo).

ideas for first tattoo on ankle
ideas for first tattoo on ankle

These tats are usually smaller compared to tattoos for other parts of the body and that’s why women prefer the female ankle tattoos. But there are many beautiful and intriguing ankle tat designs available these days. You will find yourself wondering which tat design to choose among so many lovely ideas. Be it floral designs or funky tattoos, devil patterns or soft patterns, or a loved one’s name, ankle tats ideas are definitely in fashion today. There is no limit for the imagination while thinking of ankle tattoo designs.

The benefit of an ankle tattoo is that it will never fade out. You will be proudly showing off your trendy ankle tattoo for a long time to come! And if you are getting your lover’s name inscribed, then an ankle tattoo would be a special secret for your love. Whether you want a public display tat or a very private tattoo, an ankle tattoo fits the bill.

Ankle Tattoo ideas for first tattoo


If you want an ankle tat that triggers curiosity and makes you the center of admiring glances, then get yourself one refreshingly unique ankle tattoo design.

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hear tattoo small


heart tattoo design


heart tattoo ideas for couples


heart tattoo ideas


heart tattoo


First Tattoo Ideas On Chest

There is an unlimited number of tattoo designs for all parts of the body. Boys and girls, men and the women all go for different types of tattoo ideas on the arms, back, shoulder, the neck and the ankle. But there are the equally popular chest tattoos doing the rounds lately. The chest tats are the special variety that makes the wearer feel like the owner of a juicy secret that others are dying to discover!

ideas for first tattoo on chest for men

Chest tattoos give a sense of pride and mystery to the wearer. Depending upon the situation and place, chest tattoo designs can be revealed or concealed, making them all the more special and appealing. Men love to show off their bare-chested tattooed splendor. Women love to romp around as beach babes in their skimpy bikinis, showing their chest tattoos to their admirers. At times, the chest tats represent naughty messages meant just for the spouse or lover. Many men consider it highly romantic to have the name of their beloved tattooed on their chest. Women love this style of professing love for a particular person.

ideas for first tattoo on chest for girl

Chest tattoo ideas can be very simple or quite flamboyant. They can be tiny or big tats and they can be flashy skin art pieces or one-word tattoos. In any case, chest tattoos have jumped up the popularity rankings today. Young or old, people are more willing to try chest tats these days. The mystery of a chest tat is most alluring and can be a symbol of appeal for many.

Just remember to get to professionals for your chest tattoo. It is important to get the job done only with hygienic needles. With the experts, there is no cause for worry and you can select really cool, chest tattoos to flaunt when you wish to!

Ladybug Tattoos

ladybug tattoo ideas ladybug tattoo

Letter Tattoos

letter a tattoo a tattoo

First Tattoo Ideas for on Foot

I suggest you get your first tattoo on your foot. Tattoos built on the feet look very stylish and cool.

While tattoos are commonly worn on arms, chest, shoulders, and back, foot tattoos are something new for those who are not interested in tattooing. Tattoos on the foot will look great if you choose the right design. The tattoo artist you choose should have enough experience in tattooing on foot. Otherwise, you will end up with a bad tattoo which is not easy to erase.

ideas for first tattoo on foot for girl

Foot tattoo ideas are preferred by women (esp. cute foot tattoo designs) but men can also have tats on their foot if they choose the right design. Flower and butterfly designs look great on foot. You can choose to draw tats on the top or sole of your foot. Tattoos on the top of your foot can get the attention from others, but when you have them on your soles, you won’t be able to expose that to others except your partner. Multi-colored as well as uni-colored tattoos are equally popular among women. Some prefer elegant simple designs while others choose to go wild.

Foot tattoo designs are not preferred by many for various reasons. The skin on foot is very close to joints and bones. This will create so much pain while piercing the tattoo. The exposure of tattoos on foot will be less compared to those on other parts of the body. Foot is one of the organs of the body which is used too much. This will result in fading of tattoo much quickly. Also, you have to take care of your foot after piercing the tattoo. Foot is the part which can get infection easily. Follow the instructions given by your tattoo artist for a few days.

ideas for first tattoo on foot for men

Though anybody can get tats on the foot, you should consider your lifestyle before choosing a foot tattoo design. If you wear shoes most of the times, you will not reveal the tattoos on your foot. There is no point in drawing tattoos and hiding them with shoes.

I came to the end of our articlei deas for the first tattoo. I would appreciate it if you would like to read my other writings.


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