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Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Koi fish tattoo designs, a symbol that has extremely deep meaning for the person who is carrying it . If you intend to get a tattoo containing koi fish, you should learn the meanings of this tattoo. Because the meaning of koi fish tattoo changes depending on the direction and color of the fish.

Koi fish have a very long history in Chinese and Japanese culture. It is originally made of carp, and later domesticated and produced in various colors. Koi fish have lived for many years (some can live up to a hundred years) in time they have turned into dragons have some legends.

According to the legend, koi fish are transformed into a koiler dragon in the Yangtze River, the most powerful river in China, which is able to swim against the stream and reach the source of the river. For this reason, koi fish tattoos symbolize success and determination in Asian culture. It is also believed that it will bring luck to the people who carry this tattoo and they will always be successful in life.

What is Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning?

There are also a variety of beliefs about the direction of the head of the Koi fish tattoo. The meaning of a koi fish with head upwards; “You are in a war or fight now and you are still fighting obstacles, but you will not give up” or “you have overcome all obstacles in your life and have gathered enough power to continue your journey.” A koi fish with a head down means; “You have no power to overcome obstacles and to achieve success” or “You have reached your goals in life and you no longer need to fight or struggle” .Many cultures have different meanings about the direction of the koi fish that’s why some of them contradict. In this case, you can choose the meaning that suits you best or you can create the meaning by yourself.

Koi fish tattoos are quite rich in meaning. According to legend, they represent perseverance, power, determination and success as they can swim against the current. Other meanings; to overcome obstacles and to reach a goal, to thrive, wealth, abundance, good luck, independence, passion and desire.Koi fish have different meanings depending on their color and each color represents one member in the family.

1). The black koi fish is related to the successful overcoming of an obstacle. This symbol is very meaningful and appropriate for people who are struggling hard in the life path and ultimately winning strong. This may be related to depression, any addiction, a difficult relationship or a similar struggle.Black koi represents the father in the family.

Black koi fish tattoo designs for men
Balck Koi tattoo ideas for women

2). Red koi fish tattoo often have a connotation of love. Not just any love, but a very intense and strong love. The red or orange koi represents the mother in the family and the pink daughter represents the family’s daughter. The red koi also symbolizes power and courage.

Red koi fish idea for women
Red Koi tattoo for men

3). Blue koi fish are often associated with masculinity and reproduction. Blue and white koi represent the son of a family. It also symbolizes peaceband tranquility.

Blue Koi for women


Blue colored for men


4). Yellow koi fish symbolize wealth and fortune. It is usually golden in color but the yellow and orange color combinations can be used.

Yellow Koi Fish tattoo for women


Yellow koi fish tattoo design for men


Another Koi Fish Tattoo Designs.

koi fish tattoo on back


This design is for shoulder.


Koi Fish tattoo designs for forearm.


Colored koi tattoo ideas on arm
Colored koi tattoo ideas on arm Pint.


Traditional koi fish tattoos
Traditional koi fish tattoos


Koi Fish tattoo ideas On forearm.
Koi Fish tattoo ideas On forearm. Facebook


For women leg.


Realistic koi fish tattoo ideas for men
Realistic koi fish tattoo ideas for men. Instagram


Small Koi Fish tattoo designs for girls.


Tribal design koi fish tattoo design for men. Facebook
Forearm koi tattoo ideas


Small koi tattoo ideas on shoulder.
Small koi tattoo ideas on shoulder. Pint.

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