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Lil Xan Face Tattoos with Meanings

Lil Xan is one of America’s most famous rappers, and the stage name is derived from the drug called Xanax. Like many other rappers (Lil Peep, Fetty Wap, Post Malone), Lil Xan has many face tattoos. Although his manager agrees with this, Lil Xan continues to get more tattoos on his face.

You can read the story and the meaning of the tattoos on Lil Xan’s face in the following article.


Lil Xan decided to get her first tattoo on her face when she was 18 years old. His mother opposed it, but thought that if he put his mother’s name on his face, she would like it. And without much thought, he had his mother’s name ‘Candy’ tattooed under his left cheek.

lil xan face tattoo meanings


Lil Xan had a tattoo of “1996”, the date of birth, on the left side of his face.

Lil Xan face tattoo

Heart Love Heart and Soldier

Lil Xan got a little love heart tattoo under his mother’s name, and then added another tattoo that said “Soldier” under it.

lil xan face tattoo meanings

Three ‘Z’s (Zzz)

This tattoo has no known meaning, but since Lil Xan travels often and sleeps on the roads, it is thought to represent this tattoo.

lil xan face tattoo designs


Lil Xan’s career began to take shape in a hip-hop band called Low Gang. In order to express his gratitude to the members of this group, he had “Low” tattooed on his face.


Lil Xan covered his “Low” tattoo as “Lower” after short time.

lil xan face tattoos


While Low Gangster wasn’t very famous yet, Lil Xan formed another band called Xanarchy. And he wrote that name on his forehead as a tattoo.

Lil Xan face tattoo

Upside Down Cross

Lil Xan attracted the fans’ reaction with this tattoo. They began to think he worshiped the devil. And he didn’t make a statement about it. This is supported by the lyrics of the song Betrayal.


Lil Xan has another tattoo that says YOU under his right eyebrow. The meaning of this tattoo or for whom it was made is unknown.

It looks like Lil Xan will continue to get new tattoos on his face. In addition to her face, many parts of her body have interesting tattoos with deep meanings. He is an extraordinary rapper who loves to express his character, events and people in his life with tattoos on his body. ytb.

lil xan face tattoos

Lil Xan’s other body tattoos and their meanings will be discussed in another article. Thank you for reading. face.


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