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45+ Skull Tattoo On Neck With Meanings

skull tattoo on neck
skull tattoo on neck

One of the most popular tattoo designs is the skull. The mournful and gloomy symbol has a deep philosophical meaning and universal significance. There are many interpretations of the skull on the human body. As a rule, the value of such a picture depends largely on the additional elements and colors.

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small skull tattoo ideas


small skull tattoo idea

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A good master can cause the skull, passing a certain alertness and a sign of danger to others, or conversely a positive sense. It all depends on the personal desire of the client.

Skull tattoo on neck has a strong energy and is not suitable for everyone. Before you put such a sketch on the body or limbs, be sure to study the symbolism of the sign and determine which picture will be the most optimal and appropriate to your life potential, image and purpose.

small neck tattoo ideas

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skull tattoo on neck


skull tattoo neck


skull tattoo ideas

Tattoo skull on drawn or the body can be often see have bikers, rockers and metalheads. They perceive this a badge of as a special talisman protection from death. Such a picture a person tries to show courage and courage before risky trials.

Young people choose skull for stuffing, viewing this figure as a sign of decisive action and the absence of fear of any life changes.

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In prisoners, the skull is treated differently. Some put this picture, trying to show others their authority or desire for power. Other members of the criminal world make a tattoo with a skull as a sign of planned revenge on his main enemy. Tattoos with the image of a skull are also preferred by representatives of the thieves ‘ world.

A few decades ago, tattoos with a skull stuffed exclusively men who want to show others their strength, courage and bravery in front of any difficulties in life. Today, a sketch with a skull is often chosen by women, and more often give preference to images in the style of minimalism.

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Masters select for women the most interesting drawings with a skull, complemented by beautiful flowers, pairs of birds, butterflies, plant branches, openwork elements and other cute decorations. The color of the tattoo is mostly bright monochrome or combining several colorful shades.

Men prefer more original sketches in plain dark colors.

The most common place to get a skull tattoo is the shoulder and back area. This pattern looks good on the leg in the Shin and calf muscles, on the arm near the wrist, on the shoulder blade and in the chest area.


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