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20+ Skull Tattoo with Roses Models and Meanings

Welcome to my site, this article will be about skull tattoo with roses models. The size varies according to the body part. You have to make a good decision before you get this tattoo. You can try temporary tattoo. Because skull tattoo with roses is a very obvious and outdated tattoo type. At the moment, the most tattoo cleaning request is made to the tattoo of the skull. These tattoos, which cannot be easily closed, can cause distortion. Skull tattoo with roses is usually made on hand, foot and back.

Amazing Skull and Rose Design for Foot Tattoo

Meaning of Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo with roses are often known as symbols of motorcycle groups and gangs. It means death,violence and the struggle for survival. Although it is seen as an evil symbol, its meaning is mystery and death.

The figure of the skull means that it takes place in the body of people with different designs and means that the person does not fear death.The skull figure can have different meanings in different cultures. Skull necklaces in India are very popular and these necklaces remind people of death. Among the Tibetans, these necklaces are also widely used. The Indians perceive the skull as the day of death and see it as the transition to death.

In Christianity skull and skeleton actually has a good meaning, symbolizes the freedom of the soul and eternity.

1). In this picture the skull is surrounded by flames. It means I’m not afraid of death and hell. This type of tattoo, which is usually made to the back, can be used on arms too.

2). Skull tattoo model with roses embroidered with dark colors. It means that evil and goodness coexist. It is said to represent fearlessness. The most preferred skull tattoo by women. Women have them on their shoulders  generally.

Skull and rose tattoo design for back.

3). This skull tattoo symbolizes the danger of death and is used by gangs. It can be used to symbolize poison and deadly substances.

Tattoo model used by gangs

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Skull and rose tattoo design on breast.


Rose and skull tattoo design for women.


Pretty tattoo design for women


Skull and lotus flower tattoo design.


Skull tattoo with red rose design for foot.






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It is the tattoo model preferred by men








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